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Cleaning Robot
dispense and refill
all by itself

Good things come in small packages
Scrubber 50 is smart robot hailed as the future of cleaning!
is a powerful service robot designed for floor cleaning and scrubbing.
The autonomous robot is capable of cleaning large areas in a short period
of time and is equipped with sensors that prevent it from colliding into
people & obstacles which makes it suitable also for crowded environments.

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Innovation, quality and performance combined

Whiz-i is a powerful vacuum sweeper service cobot. It is capable of vacuuming large and diverse floor spaces simultaneously (carpets, tiles, wooden floors etc.) in a short time period. The collaborative cobot's powerful sensors allow for reliable movement, avoiding it from colliding into people and obstacles.

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BALYO Autonomous Forklifts for Materials Handling

BALYO makes it simple for warehouses and distribution centers to move from manual materials handling to fully driverless automation. BALYO has almost twenty years of experience in transforming standard base trucks into a robotic workforce for industries across the globe. More than automated guided vehicles (AGV), the BALYO line of Reach, VNA, Tuggers and Stackers are truly autonomous requiring no extra infrastructure to navigate tight aisles and floor spaces or for the picking and storing of virtually any pallet type. Handling virtually any horizontal logistic applications, BALYO also prides itself on helping high-bay storage scale to as high as 17m.

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GS Delivery X1

Delivery Robot
For restaurants, cafes, catering & hotels

The Safest & Friendliest Way for Your Food Delivery
The X series is Gaussian’s brand new product line of service robots dedicated
to food delivery. technology and a cutting-edge sensor system,
X1 can perform flexibly in complex, dynamic environments.

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Autonomous UV-C Dynamic Disinfection Robot

UVD Robots® is a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics specializing in innovative service robots for humans. UVD Robots was founded by experts in the field of disinfection and disease prevention with the objective of producing an efficient solution to the challenging infected all-round areas.

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EVO Robot


EVO Robot is able to carry different loads and volumes always in total safety.
Infinitely scalable vehicles derive from a single concept, depending
on the needs related to the elements to handle and the constraints
dictated by the environment.

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Autonomous mobile Robot that can pull almost any cart.

TUGBOT is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is
an intelligent, safe, stable, flexible and precise designed
to help companies of all sizes on their intra-logistics processes
by optimising workflows, freeing staff to perform added value
tasks, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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GoBE Robot

Video conferencing Robot Enables
Virtual Telepresence at Work Site

Presence. Anywhere. Anytime
With GoBe Robots telepresence you can save time, money and hassle from travel.
Stay safe and be present at the same time with GoBe Robots telepresence.
With natural mobility and immersive telepresence,
GoBe Robots puts you in the
room and gives a feeling of social inclusion.